Model For Me

I'm always looking for new subjects to try out new ideas, experiment with new equipment, try new lighting setups, create new tutorials and add to my portfolio. If you're interested in posing for me and you are a female aged 18 or older and live in the NYC area please fill out the form below. The more information you provide the better.

You don't have to be a model or even look like a model. All submissions will be considered and if I have a need for a subject that you match I'll be in contact with you.

In consideration for your time posing for me you will receive at least 5 high resolution image files of your choosing which will be fully edited and suitable for printing. A number of smaller resolution digital images from the shoot as proofs that are only slightly edited and are to be used for choosing the images you'd like full versions of. It will essentially contain most of the photos I shoot except ones I remove for various reasons including but not limited to technical errors in the photos, visually similar images that are redundant and other reasons. In addition if I use photos from our shoot in a tutorial or article on this site I will credit you with a link to your portfolio if you wish. Link is subject to my approval.

You will be expected sign a release form before the shoot that affirms my copyright and ownership of the photos and full usage rights including as examples on this site. It also grants you specific usages of the images such as promotional and personal use.

I prefer to work in different locations and frequently shoot in people's homes. I also have studio space in NJ near the George Washington Bridge so it's easy to get to from Manhattan. Please indicate in the form if that works for you. I have a number of lighting setups that travel easily and I am good with natural light if it's available. The benefits are I get to shoot in different locations, you're in a comfortable setting, all your outfits are there and you won't forget anything at home.