Why I created Sarkiko.com

For the past few years I've found myself writing on various personal interests. One of my passions is photography but I had yet found the right way to share that passion online. Until now I hope. I'm intelligent, funny and can explain things in great detail. This site will be a place where I can share my love of photography with a focus on photographing the female form with those that share a similar interest either as fellow photographers, women who enjoy being photographed and the many people that just simply like that type of art.

The site is going to go where it goes but my plan is to include:
  • Examples of my new work and logs of some of my shoots
  • Lighting tutorials from very simple to complex
  • Tips and techniques for photographing woman.
  • Tips for those who want to take better selfies
  • Photo editing tutorials. Not just the how but also the why.
  • Equipment reviews and tips.
  • hopefully a little something for everyone.

What is Sarkiko?

I liked the way it sounded. It's the phonetic spelling of the gender neutral form of the Greek word σαρκικός which translates to carnal, fleshly and sensual. It comes from the σάρκα (SAR-ka) which means flesh which is the modern version of the Ancient Greek σάρξ (sarx). I think that's a pretty good way to describe a lot of my work.

Though the feminine form σαρκική (sar-kee-KEE) would probably been more appropriate, it just didn't sound quite right anglicized. So welcome to Sarkiko :)

About me as a Photographer

I've never received any formal training or taken any classes. I'm more of a tactile learner who learns best by doing. I learn from reading, observing and most importantly, experimenting. Many years ago, after developing a love of photography I experimented with some black and white nude figure work. From there I've worked in various types of shoots involving female models. Everything from simple portraits, glamour, lingerie, fine art nudes, figure studies and even some fetish and bondage work.

When I do something I like to do it right. Once my eye, lighting and camera work were at a level I was happy with I began working in the darkroom processing my own film and prints. Mainly black and white but also color negatives and slides. I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to technology and loved being in control of the entire process and the nuances that various films, papers and processes could impart on a piece. These days though I'm mostly digital. I've been working with digital almost as long as I have with film and have extensive knowledge of editing work in PhotoShop and other graphics programs.

Unfortunately for the past few years I've had to take somewhat of a break due to time constraints but have been coming back into photography. I'm rebuilding my portfolio, if you're interested in helping me do that, let me know you'd like to pose for me.

What working with me is like

I can be quite modest so it's a little uncomfortable to talk myself up but after so many positive experiences I guess I can say working with me can be quite fun. I'm usually funny, sometimes quite silly, for as smart as I am I can also be quite dumb and occasionally clumsy but somehow I manage to get through a shoot without hurting myself or others and haven't yet set anything on fire. :) In the end there are some beautiful pictures come out of that experience.

My goal is to create a mood, evoke certain feelings then capture how the faces and bodies of the women I'm working with react. I don't do a lot of posing. Things tend to be more fluid with me. I'll give some direction and do a lot of talking to try to get you in the frame of mind I want the woman in my photo to look like she's in if that makes sense. A shoot with me is sometimes a very long conversation. It can also be a little quiet where I just give you an occasional nudge and your mind and body easily follow in the right direction. Even when that wasn't necessarily the exact direction I intended. I maintain control of the shoots without barking orders and if I see something worth exploring I'm happy to change directions.

When people view my work I want them to feel something real and have the photo turn into a complex scene in their mind. To do that I've found it best that you're feeling something real while shooting rather than asking you to make a certain expression.

I've worked with women of various experiences from your average woman that wants some sexy photos to women looking to get into modelling as well as models with extensive credentials. Women of all ages and sizes. Everybody is beautiful and it's just a matter of getting that on film... err... pixels.